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FacebookRight when I arrive home, my phone calls my name. Facebook has a blue indicator light telling me something demands my attention. Ahh, someone liked something I wrote. Ego boosted! A brief grin appears on my face as I greet my wife with a kiss and embrace my daughter.

It’s now 8:30pm. My wife calls. It is past bedtime for my daughter. So, I quickly read her a Bible story (From the Jesus Storybook Bible of course). Shortly after, to Hannah’s excitement , Christina comes in to feed her before bed. A few minutes later, Hannah is fast asleep.

Throughout the night, Facebook reminds me there is something of utter importance that I must check. I use the restroom, which should only take 25 seconds, but it turns into a 5 minute ordeal. 5 new notifications! Someone invited me to play FarmVille…again.

Oh, that is an interesting article by Desiring God.

A few minutes later, Facebook is grabbing my attention once more.



FacebookI am sure everyone is familiar with Facebook. Facebook is a fun, cool, online interactive way to stay connected with others. Facebook gives you the ability to stay up to date with your friends’ lives.

You can share videos, photos, and post status updates on Facebook for others to see. It is a tool that comes in handy. I still use it and will continue to use it.

Yet, when it is constantly demanding my attention, I feel depressed.


With Facebook regularly alerting me on my phone and demanding my attention, should my family have to compete?


3 Reasons to Facebook from your Phone


You are NOT that important. I am not that important. Yet, having it always accessible, it has a way to creep into your life and demand being checked.  Even after you close the app, 5 seconds later you have to check it again.


Spend Time With Others. Facebook is a digital form of staying connected. Yet, if you are with your friends or family, stay off of Facebook. Facebook will be there when you get back. Facebook is not as important as your friends and family. They should not have to fight for your attention. Put your phone down so it does not always remind you to check Facebook. Enjoy real life conversations.


Rest. Instead of always checking your Facebook feed, rest. Take a break from always being in the know.  It is okay. Your brain needs it. Your eyes need it. Taking a break is helpful.


Bringing This Home

FocusNow, removing it from your phone only does so much. Of course, you can easily make your computer do the same thing–meaning, always checking Facebook.  However, the difference is you are not alerted instantly.  By removing Facebook from your phone, it takes an extra step to check your news feed.  You remain in control of your Facebook account.

This has been helpful for me to focus and not spend too much time on Facebook.  It can be a time killer.  This may not be needed for everyone. Maybe you have an easier time not checking Facebook. Yet, I have a suspicion. Most people spend too much time on Facebook. Are you missing out on the more important things in life?

It might be worth removing it for a little while you refocus and evaluate if having Facebook on your phone is helpful to you.


  • What are your best practices in managing your Social Media Outlets?


Justin is a husband, father, and a writer. He is passionate about equipping parents, glorifying Jesus, and helping the local church. Justin currently resides in Michigan with his wife and two daughters.

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