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Childlike Faith

For those of you who have read my “I am Too Young” blog, you know I struggled with being young and having a faith. So of course, I tried to make my faith grow and mature as fast as it could. I felt as though I was too little for God, like I was just a kid. I never even thought that I am God’s child and can have childlike faith, I was just focused on getting my grown-up faith. Now you know what I’m going to be talking about. This Christmas season (Happy late Christmas, by the way) I started to see how childlike faith could fit in my life.

Many of you know that I am an aunt. I am also partly homeschooled, so I get to see my nieces and nephew a lot- and I mean a lot (not complaining, I love them to death). One day, my three-year old niece Hannah was looking at gifts underneath the Christmas tree. I asked her if she knew who some of the gifts were for, thinking she would say herself.

“Hmm… JESUS! Because it’s His birthday!” She responded (loudly) while jumping up and down.

Shocked, I didn’t know what to say. Since none of the gifts were for Jesus, I said no and told her He just wants us for Christmas. After that, she kept talking about how it was Jesus’ birthday and how she is going to make a birthday cake for Him. It was so cool to see how excited Hannah got, that it made me wish I could be like that too. All of this reminded me what Matthew 18:3-4 tells us:

“‘Truly I tell you,’ he [Jesus] said, ‘unless you turn and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child- this one is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

In Matthew 19:14, it also says;

“Jesus said, ‘Leave the children alone, and don’t try to keep them from coming to me, because the kingdom of heaven belong to such as these.'”

In the chapter 19 verse, Jesus was talking to the disciples who had rebuked the children from coming to see Jesus. In Matthew 18:4, I noticed how it said “Whoever humbles himself like this child…” If you didn’t know, the definition from google for humble is basically to lower your status or make yourself low. I think the disciples who rebuked the children thought of themselves highly, and the children lowly, that’s why Jesus had to remind them that childlike faith matters- and why we should be like children. 

Maturing your faith really means to humble yourself back to being a kid.

I want to be excited for Jesus’ birthday, not the presents. I want to be excited to sing “Happy Birthday” to Him on Christmas day. Yes, I know I am still a child, but I want to go back to being a little kid where I didn’t have to worry about anything and got excited about everything; I also had to pay for nothing (not saying I have to pay for EVERYTHING now-a-days). I just got to play outside with my potato heads and princess dolls and run around with blankets on my heads everyday. 

But I also think that is how Jesus wants us to act when He says to have childlike faith. It’s not just the excitement, but it’s about being  worry free and getting to enjoy everyday! 

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” – Matthew 11:28-30

Jesus tells us He will give us rest, we don’t need to worry about anything! Take His yoke and learn, we will find rest… What is a yoke? I’ve always skimmed over this word in the Bible thinking it means delightfulness and blessing and all that. Sooo, I looked into it, and it is actual some sort of work tool with animals. This makes more sense now that it says to learn from His yoke. We need to learn from His word and the things He asks us to do! When we study His word, things He asks us to do will be easier, and with it, we will gain peace from Him; Just like when we were kids and had peace… even though we may not have known it what peace really was. 

Were you more excited for the gifts from others or the gift from God this year?

This question has always been tough for me. Usually, I say God’s gift of Jesus, but sometimes I feel like that’s not true. Or I am as equally excited for Jesus as I am presents from my family and friends (idolization? I think that’s the beginning). Plus, Jesus has already been born. It’s not like He is being physically born again this Christmas or the next Christmas. Wait… I don’t get physically reborn again on my birthday, but I still celebrate it! I hope this doesn’t make me a hypocrite… it probably does. The thing is, we celebrate Jesus’ birthday with presents for ourselves, as well as our own birthday’s.

I never thought about why we do that, I just knew we did. Recently, I asked my mom what her thoughts on that were, and here is her response:

“We give gifts to others to celebrate the gift God has given us.”

We choose to give gifts because of the great gift we got. Now, none of the gifts we gave/give this holiday season can even come close to the gift God gave us, but they can still help represent what we were given. For me, giving gifts and receiving gifts is very fun and makes me joyful. Receiving Jesus has made me the happiest being in the world, and I want to help spread that happiness! The happiness that’s sorta like when you were a younger kid. Maybe you didn’t have as happy as a childhood like I had, but do you at least remember being free from worry, being innocent, and being helped? I hope you do, because having childlike faith helps bring you back to the days where stress and anxiety hadn’t entered your life yet. Trust God, love God, live like the free child you are in Him. Remember Him throughout Christmas time (because, you know… Jesus is the reason for the season 😉 ) and be an excited child about His birthday and His… everything! Give Him yourself because that’s the only present He wants. Merry Christmas again, and Happy New Year!

***Remember, you are God child! Not just your friend, you don’t need to be a grown-up for Him. He’s got you.



Hey! I am Lily Davito and I am 14 years old but I LOVE writing and blogging (and reading). Jesus Christ is my passion and what drives me to blog for you all. 1 Timothy 4:12 is my life verse. I also am an aunt, a daughter, and a sister 🙂