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My Favorite Bible

This is by far my favorite Bible. It reads more so like a story. No more sectional divisions or verse numbers. It would have been nice if they completely removed chapter divisions, but I’ll take what they produced. You’ll want to watch the video above.

Why You Should Get it

You want this Bible because it reads like a story (as mentioned above). This Bible is not recommended to take to church as it may be hard to follow the pastor. For personal study time, this is by far my favorite Bible to read.

Those sectional divisions in most Bibles are man made, they are someone’s interpretation of the text. The author of the book of the Bible did not include those divisions in their writings. Yes, they can be helpful. However, they can also be misleading.

For example, the sectional divisions may seem like there is a new thought being introduced by the author, when in reality those verses should be connected. The flow of the author should not be interrupted. This is the beauty of the ESV Reader’s Bible.

The ESV Reader’s Bible has two ribbons to help with your spot in the Bible. This is personal preference, but if someone is reading a chapter in the Old Testament and a chapter in the New (for example), you have both spots reserved for you by the ribbon(s). This is an advantage.

The Downside

The downside to this Bible edition is that there is a minor chapter division. This was a mistake. One can be hopeful a newer edition will be released in the future. For now, this edition will do.

The Bible look is simple. It is not elaborate in design. Some may like this. Personally, I wish it looked a little nicer, but that is alright. The Bible is God’s word and that alone is sufficient.

  • What is your favorite Bible edition?


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