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Cell Phone BedtimeiPhones. Galaxys. IOS. Android. Samsung. Social Media. Texting. Email.

Phones are great! How can they pack all of this technology in such a small device? Let’s be honest, they are just mini computers. Phones can serve a great purpose and multiple purposes. Most people have a smart phone. That is, phones that have the ability to connect to the internet.

People do not call like they used to. Communication is done through texting or another messaging service, most of the time.

I rely heavily on my calendar. Without my calendar, I’m in trouble.

A smartphone can truly help you stay organized and accomplish tasks on a daily basis.

However, for many, it seems the phone controls them…


The Problem

Father with PhoneAfter spending 8 hours plus on my phone, I arrive home and greet both my wife and daughter with excitement. My nearly 10 month old is ecstatic. However, how long until my phone calls my name?

Even if the blue indicator light is not blinking, why do I feel the need to check…just to be sure. Or worse, what if I missed something of utter importance in my Facebook newsfeed? Let’s not even mention Twitter or Instagram!

Maybe the Gospel Coalition posted a great article that I should read?

The problem is that I am always connected. I’m always available. Sometimes being available to things that could wait (and probably should!).

Do you see being always connected as a problem?


The Challenge

Putting Phone to BedAs mentioned above, having a phone can be helpful. However, it can also serve as a distraction.

For the next two weeks, my phone is going to bed!  It is going to bed early, too! Right when I get home (5:30ish EST), my phone will be silent, if not off. I will not be checking my phone (generally speaking).

Let’s do it!

From August 25th through September 7th. Are you with me?

The Object is to determine if I am in control of my phone or if my phone controls me. Should I be connected with everyone all the time? I want to be intentional with my family and not have my phone demand my attention. I’m also going to strive to limit my computer use as well.

I’ll do a follow up post sometime after the 1st to see how it went.

Will you join me in the Challenge?

Justin is a husband, father, and a writer. He is passionate about equipping parents, glorifying Jesus, and helping the local church. Justin currently resides in Michigan with his wife and two daughters.

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