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AbortionWhy won’t the homosexual agenda go away but the abortion issue vanishes after a short time? The LGBTQ group, as a whole, keeps pushing their agenda. From homosexuals being able to marry legally to the transgender bathroom issue.  Yet, the abortion issue comes and goes. Why is this?

Homosexuals, which is a small portion of the US, keep pushing the culture to change to their desires. Yet, a higher percentage is against abortion, still the topic comes and goes. Abortion seems to never stick. Why is that? Babies are dying every single day. The culture is outraged, but only for a short period of time. Then it just gets swept under the carpet. No change. No one cares anymore. Why?


Center For Medical Progress

Abortion is MurderMost are aware of the undercover video operation by Center for Medical Progress. Some argue that people should not participate in undercover videos. No matter how you feel about it, it happened. Center for Medical Progress were the only ones, that I recall, who kept the abortion issue in the public eyes for many weeks. However, what was the result?

Nothing. It vanished.

Everyone forgot or just wants to move on. How can we move on when babies are being brutally murdered and their parts are sold for profit. This is ridiculous.

How can we lose sight of this so quickly, and yet the LGBTQ group continues to be in the front of the culture’s eyes? One is a lifestyle change and one deals with the life of a human.

Life is far more important, but our culture treats it so flippantly.


(Video shows graphic material. Viewer Discretion is Advised)



Abortion HelpHow have we gotten to this? How has America become so calloused in allowing this to happen? How can America forget this? How can America be okay with Planned Parenthood’s criminal acts? After seeing the brutality of the abortion industry, how can we approve of this? How can we accept abortions as not murder?

It simply does not make sense. 

When will we put an end to this? When will we say enough is enough?



AdobeStock_85174852To be honest, I do not pray like I should. If I really believe in the power of prayer, I must pray more. God can work the miracle. I should not cease to pray for the unborn. Will you join me?

Some may say prayer is not enough. They want to do something. They want to take action. I get it, but let’s not forsake the power of prayer.

With that said, civilians are limited in what they can do. Unless I am wrong, we must operate under the law and press our leaders to change the laws. If we want to eliminate abortions, we must contact our representatives.

Please don’t give up on prayer (1 John 5:14-15). We can have confidence in God hearing us. We have hope! Even when hope seems so far away, we have confidence in Jesus.

Will you join me in prayer? Let’s pray for God to work a miracle in the lives of our culture and in the lives of our representatives.



Justin is a husband, father, and a writer. He is passionate about equipping parents, glorifying Jesus, and helping the local church. Justin currently resides in Michigan with his wife and two daughters.

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