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  1. Make Them Feel Very Welcomed

Of course, this is accomplished through calling them out. Visitors love to be called out. Why not give them a round of applause for coming to your church? This will ensure they come back!


2. Include a Greeting Time During Your Service.

Because there is literally nothing more welcoming than a forced greeting time.  Seriously…


3. As you Preach, make every message about getting new visitors

Because the Great Commission is not as much about God as it is about new visitors.


4. Only Sing Hymns

Because the only songs that contain theological truths are hymns, right?


5.  Topical Messages

Forget context, but focus on answering How Does This Apply To My Life Today?


6. Focus on People, not God

People love having the focus on themselves.


7. Ignore Ideas from Young People

Ignore ideas from young godly men and women because they do not know what they are talking about.


8. Make the Pastor Inaccessible

He is on such a superior spiritual plane, you don’t want to make visitors ashamed of how ungodly they are.



What would you add to this ridiculous list?



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