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Those who should not be in church marketing are often the pastors. Think about it. There are so many cheesy church signs, it’s just embarrassing.  Yes, as a Christian we may laugh when we see certain signs, but at the same time we want to hide our faces.

If you are the pastor, what is your goal in using your church sign?

How to Use A Church Sign?

What other business markets like a church? There are not many. Are they successful?  Probably as successful as a Microsoft Zune (Ever hear of them?).

Yet, Church Signs are used in a way that has little to no success.  So, what should we do?

For starters, stop using your church sign in a cheesy way. Stop trying to be clever-it’s not working. Simplicity is better.

Pay a professional to create a logo. Then use your new logo on your church sign with your church name.  Secondly, direct people to your website (Make sure you can read the website link from the road while traveling).  Again, church signs are best used when they are simple and directing visitors to the website.

What happens when they arrive to your website? Well, the church sign did it’s job, but I’ll talk about what makes a good website at a later date.  Stay Tuned…



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