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Below is an amazing poem written by my dear sister, Cassie:

February 24, 2019

I Will Fear No Evil

How many minutes have I spent worrying about my life?

The worry has been rooted in fear– fear of pain and strife;

Fear that I will unwisely choose a very fatal choice;

Fear that I will remove myself from hearing God’s voice;

Fear that in the journey ahead I may be tempted to sway;

And sway I’ll go for I don’t know how the temptation will masquerade.

What if it looks wise, clean-cut and smooth, just like as though it’s true?

I fear deception would blind my eyes, not knowing I’m now separate from you.

Yet I also fear that bitterness would root itself in me;

I’d find some reason in my heart to be at odds with Thee.

Something might happen that makes me mad, something I can’t forgive.

Eventually I’d just blame God and never come back to Him.

I fear I’d turn my back to God for I love Him so much now,

but the potential wickedness within makes me question how:

How do I know I won’t depart from God’s amazing grace?
My greatest failure could be up ahead and I’d spit right in Your face.

How do I know life’s circumstance won’t leave me wondering why,

and then lead me into bitterness and in that left to die?

What if I find a better way and convince myself of you’re pretense?

It’s blasphemy to me now but in the future it might make sense.

I fear what I am capable of, for the heart is desperately sick.

I may do something very foolish and yet think it was the trick.

What if, God? What if? Please comfort my fearful heart.

And it’s not just for myself I fear; I fear for those of whom I’m a part.

What if I make a treacherous move that hurts someone I love?

What if they, then in response, stop seeking You above?

Could I be the downfall of someone else, bringing them to a deathly fate?

I may repent and come back to You, but to You they’d forever hate.

I cannot bear that weight of guilt, yet I fear since I don’t know

if this or that or the other thing are coming down the road.

I cannot move; I’m paralyzed. What will happen next?

What mistake am I about to make that’ll drag me from God’s best?

And not just His best but even good or even completely from Him in all?

O Lord, I confess, I’m terrified. Please answer my call.

“Fear not, dear child,” I hear Him say, “and be not dismayed.

For I, the Lord your God, am stronger than whatever comes your way.

Have I not said through my servant Paul that you will never be

apart from my love, whatever the case, including your own frailty?

He wrote ‘things present’ to include your current state of mind

and then included ‘nor things to come’ for when you’re out of line.

If in the future you make an error, which indeed you will,

does that sin win over what I’ve won upon Calvary’s hill?

I’ve won the war and called you mine and I have the final say.

No sin of yours, now or to come, will change what I have claimed.

Remember my son David, who wrote Psalm 23?

He wrote it is ‘your rod and staff, they bring comfort to me.’

Are not my rod and staff the tools I use to keep you in?

If you are truly called my child, I will execute discipline.

There is no need to fear yourself, for even you I supersede.

“‘I will fear no evil,’ I said through David in Psalm 23.

The evil is not just outside trials, pain and suffering;

you also will not fear the evil that comes when you’re the means.

‘I will fear no evil’ includes the evil of sin itself,

whether it be your choice of sin or the sin of someone else.

My rod and staff are a comfort indeed, as I keep all those I call.

Your evil cannot go beyond the reach of my gracious palm.

“All fear is gone, I have proclaimed. ‘There’s no fear in love,

but perfect love casts out fear.’ I spoke that from above.

1 John 4 says fear exists when punishment may come.

But know, dear child, I bore it myself so it’s forever gone.

No fear will grip you now for my perfect love casts it out

and once again in Romans 8 through the Apostle Paul I shout,

‘Nothing can ever separate us from the love of God through Christ,’

including the sin you battle now and the future sin you’ll fight.

Even the fact you have fear now is itself an evil,

yet here I am giving you grace so that you will prevail.

Now that you’re mine your sin can never remove you permanently;

Hear my words, believe what I say and trust me confidently.

All in all, my dear child, I tell you with David to say,

‘I will fear no evil,’ and be comforted all your days.”

Oh Lord, I’m sorry. What can I say? How amazing is your grace!

I never thought what David said fits here in this place.

I’ve read Your word a thousand times, especially Psalm 23.

But never once connected it to the evil inside of me.

Now that I see, all fear will leave and confidently I say,

“I will fear no evil,” even if it’s me who gets in the way.

Hey! I am Lily Davito and I am 14 years old but I LOVE writing and blogging (and reading). Jesus Christ is my passion and what drives me to blog for you all. 1 Timothy 4:12 is my life verse. I also am an aunt, a daughter, and a sister 🙂