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Does your church preach the Gospel in every sermon? If your church does not point you to the Gospel in every sermon, it’s time for a new church. If you walk away from the message feeling depressed due to your inability to meet God’s standards your church has lost its focus on Christ. Gospel-Centered Preaching makes every sermon about Jesus. This does not neglect the Spirit’s work in convicting hearts, but it does show our need of a Savior and how Jesus is our Savior.

If you grew up thinking you need to impress God in order to be loved, you were taught wrong. If you thought God was angry with you when you sin, you thought wrong. This is not the Gospel.

Our Savior, who is Jesus, stood in our place to take the punishment we deserved.  In so doing, when God looks down on us he sees a perfect child of his, if you have accepted Christ’s sacrifice.  Pastors, why would anything else be preached?

A Rebuke To Pastors

Pastors, I’m here to support and help you. If you have not preached with the Gospel in mind, shame on you! You have not taken care of your flock. Yet, there is hope and you can change. I want to recommend 2 books for you to read.

Living the Cross Centered Life

Gospel Primer

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