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My name is Justin Davito.  I am dedicated to equipping others to love Jesus’ Church.

Below are some of my latest blogs.

Heart Storm

God is a miracle working God. The following story of how I was found by his light when all seemed to be utter and dark despair makes this truth abundantly obvious. I was as near utter despair as any man could possibly be without crossing that...

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God Over Good by Luke Norsworthy

If you are like me, your brain doesn't shut off.  It used to, and boy, do I miss those days. As Mr. Monk would say, "It's a blessing...and a curse." With this, I think deeply about things. This last year, I have been told more times than I wish that I overthink...

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Think, Learn, Succeed by Caroline Leaf

Have you ever wondered what it takes to succeed? It doesn't matter what it is. It could be a certain task at home, work, or even a new hobby you recently learned. Whatever it may be, Doctor Leaf suggests you may need to change your mindset. In her new book, she talks...

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Is There a Real Escape: A Poem

  I sit here in bondage Unaware of the prison I am in I wasn't always a slave but the cost of my freedom is too much to bear I desperately want out but I'm in chains I'm unable to escape What's scarier is that I hold the key to my prison cell and yet, I cannot escape....

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Has Technology Ruined Our Lives

Today as I was with my family at a Children's museum, I couldn't help but notice how many adults were on their phones. I can't speak of knowing what they were doing, except for the obvious notion of getting the perfect photo. There is nothing inherently wrong with...

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Your Phone’s Mission Statement

How many of you just have to check your phone when you hear or feel a notification? Or perhaps you just check it in case you missed something.  Have you ever checked Facebook to only close down the app to reopen it, I suppose to find something new but leave empty...

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How to Increase Church Visitors

Make Them Feel Very Welcomed Of course, this is accomplished through calling them out. Visitors love to be called out. Why not give them a round of applause for coming to your church? This will ensure they come...

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The Dragon of Licentiousness

As I fought and fought the dragon of legalism, He wouldn't give up! By God's grace, I wouldn't either. Hours went on by, which turned into days, and finally...weeks! After many many attacks of the legalistic dragon, I finally struct him with my sword. I wish I could...

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Monday Morning Humor: Honest Mission Trip Leader

  What did you think?  Any grain of truth in the video? A Warrior's Arsenal What is A Warrior's Arsenal?  The Arsenal is a collection of articles and books for you to take a peak at. Systematic Theology ($0.99) - I...

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