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My name is Justin Davito.  I am dedicated to equipping others to love Jesus’ Church.

Below are some of my latest blogs.

Is There a Real Escape: A Poem

  I sit here in bondage Unaware of the prison I am in I wasn't always a slave but the cost of my freedom is too much to bear I desperately want out but I'm in chains I'm unable to escape What's scarier is that I hold the key to my prison cell and yet, I cannot escape....

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Has Technology Ruined Our Lives

Today as I was with my family at a Children's museum, I couldn't help but notice how many adults were on their phones. I can't speak of knowing what they were doing, except for the obvious notion of getting the perfect photo. There is nothing inherently wrong with...

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Your Phone’s Mission Statement

How many of you just have to check your phone when you hear or feel a notification? Or perhaps you just check it in case you missed something.  Have you ever checked Facebook to only close down the app to reopen it, I suppose to find something new but leave empty...

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How to Increase Church Visitors

Make Them Feel Very Welcomed Of course, this is accomplished through calling them out. Visitors love to be called out. Why not give them a round of applause for coming to your church? This will ensure they come back!   2. Include a Greeting Time During Your Service....

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The Dragon of Licentiousness

As I fought and fought the dragon of legalism, He wouldn't give up! By God's grace, I wouldn't either. Hours went on by, which turned into days, and finally...weeks! After many many attacks of the legalistic dragon, I finally struct him with my sword. I wish I could...

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Monday Morning Humor: Honest Mission Trip Leader

  What did you think?  Any grain of truth in the video? A Warrior's Arsenal What is A Warrior's Arsenal?  The Arsenal is a collection of articles and books for you to take a peak at. Systematic Theology ($0.99) - I just picked this up!  I've heard great things about...

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The Importance of Gospel-Centered Preaching

  Does your church preach the Gospel in every sermon? If your church does not point you to the Gospel in every sermon, it's time for a new church. If you walk away from the message feeling depressed due to your inability to meet God's standards your church has lost...

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What To Expect in 2018?

Another year has passed.  It's 2018! What will be different in 2018? As many are working on their New Year's Resolutions, has resolutions of its own. Don't worry, it's still me and I still love Jesus' Church! Yet, 2018 will be different! But, how?  ...

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The Dangers of VR

  I know, I know. What am I thinking. After the response of, "The Dangers of Kik Messenger," do I really want to release another one? Well, here goes nothing. Virtual Reality, what is it? VR (as it is commonly known) is an immersive experience. With this, comes a lot...

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