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With the Social Media explosion, it is no surprise to have different social media apps and platforms emerge.  Some will fail and others will survive.


Today, I want to talk to you parents about Maco Polo.  I would like to briefly explain what Marco Polo is, and then go over some brief pros and cons, and maybe even what I use it for.


Marco Polo refers to itself as a Video Walkie Talkie.  That is pretty accurate. I referred to it before as a Video Voicemail service. But Walkie Talkie is probably a little more accurate.


The whole idea of Marco Polo is to send videos to each other where you can see your friend and listen to them.  Especially for longer messages, you don’t have to type it all out, you can send a video. This way the other user can see your facial expressions, body language, etc.  It is a neat idea.


You can create groups, so you can upload one video and your whole group can watch the one video.  For example, I have a family group and then I also have a sibling group.


My siblings and I used Marco Polo to communicate when we were planning a surprise anniversary party for my parents.  It was a nice tool for us.


My recommendation is to add people you normally talk to.  I am serious. This is not a social media platform where you should add all your Facebook friends. No, add people who you will actually talk to.


Of course there is risk with any social media platform, and Marco Polo is no different. If your child chose to add random people (though, you probably need their phone number), your child could be at risk of receiving videos from strangers, and I don’t think I need to elaborate any further on that concern.


There is a feature in Marco Polo where if you don’t want someone to listen, you can put the phone up to your ear and you can listen to the video message.  I think this is a nice feature, but parents should be aware of it.


All in all, I think this app could be beneficial for people to use.  While there is risk, if used appropriately, it could prove to be enjoyful for all.


For those who use it, anything else you would add?  If so leave me a comment. I’ll make sure it read it!  


Thanks for watching/reading!

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