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Family PrioritiesGrowing up, priorities change. When you are little, you have little to no priorities.  Once you attend school, priorities start to emerge. The older you get, the more priorities you have.  If you choose to marry and have children, priorities become more crucial.

This is becoming truer than ever. Ever since my job change, it has been harder to find time to write, let alone do some of my other hobbies. While it may not always be enjoyable, it is good. What I mean is this, God has blessed me with a family and they must come first. Halo, magic, blogging, etc., must not interfere with my relationship with Christ or my family. I’ve been given these gifts from the Lord.

While I may enjoy blogging (hence, I have a blog), playing Xbox, video editing, and practicing sleight of hand magic, these are not my first priorities.  I may desire to do these things, but these are not the priorities God has given me.

So, what are the top priorities God has given me?


Relationship with Christ

Relationship with ChristThe first would be my relationship with Christ (Matthew 6:33). This does not mean to forbid my other priorities, such as taking care of my family (1 Timothy 5:8), but God must be what my life is about.

Lately, it has been very tough either finding time or choosing to make time to read the Bible and to pray.  Can you relate? What I have been doing is listening to the Bible on my way to work (There are multiple apps that allow you to do this, check out Bible Gateway or Grace To You Bible App).  Then I try to spend some focused time praying.

While I do prefer to read the Bible, listening to the Bible is still good and does not return void (Isaiah 55:11).



Church PrioritiesThis goes right along the first priority, but I’ll keep it separate for this post.   The local church is God’s common grace to those who profess salvation in Christ. It is where God has chosen primarily to accomplish his mission. We should not treat the church as some wishy washy institution. The church is part of God’s plan. History shows God chooses to use churches and is the primary function of saving people.

We are called to not forsake the assembly (Hebrews 10:25). The local church should be a priority in the Christian life.



Family PriorityFamily must be a priority. Spending time with God, a commitment to the church should in no way interfere with the priority of your family. If it does, you need to reevaluate and repent. Sadly, family is where men often do not prioritize. Job comes first. Friends come first. Me time comes first. 

It can be difficult, but if God has blessed you with a family, we must make our families a priority and provide for them (1 Timothy 5:8). Providing for them is not just physical, but emotional, relational, spiritual, etc.


Bringing This Home

Man PriorityI plead you with men, evaluate your priorities. When you look at your life, what is your number one priority in your life?  After you evaluate what you think your priorities are, talk with your wife. See if she sees what you see.  Be humble and open.

The temptation may be to think, Well, other wives allow their husbands to do such and such. You need to kill that thought in your head (Romans 8:12-13). Why? Because each wife, child, and family is different. You are called to understand and love your wife, so stop comparing her to others (1 Peter 3:7).

Men, make the necessary changes. Why? To honor Christ and so God can receive the most glory. It may seem like being stretched thin in ministry (or life) is a good thing, but it is not. You cannot do it all and you weren’t designed to do it all. You were created to honor Christ and to love and protect your family (1 Corinthians 10:31).



Justin is a husband, father, and a writer. He is passionate about equipping parents, glorifying Jesus, and helping the local church. Justin currently resides in Michigan with his wife and two daughters.

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