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Say what? Another book review?  Yes. And another from Caroline Leaf? You better believe it.

Let me first say Caroline Leaf’s writings have been beneficial to me.  She is a scientist who has spent her life studying the mind and the mind-brain connection. I appreciated what she has written.

This is the first book review I am writing without reading the whole book (Can you believe it?). For starters, Switch on your Brain Every Day is a devotional. She takes a small piece of Scripture and a small “Brainy Tip” and discusses it. While, I don’t believe I have had any concern with what she has written, I do not always agree that the verse she uses to support her devotional fits the context of that verse.

Even with this concern, I would no concern with others reading this book. I believe the information she is sharing is still accurate even if the verse doesn’t apply. I wish she would have just written small excerpts without trying to make Scripture fit.  While I may not give this book out to most people, I would rate it at a 3/5. The main reason for this is because the content is still good.

If you are like me, you struggle controlling your brain, a book like this may prove to be beneficial. Though, I would recommend one of her other books, such as starting with, “Who Switched off My Brain.” However, having a short but daily devotional in helping you control the brain could prove to be very helpful.




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