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I know, I know. What am I thinking. After the response of, “The Dangers of Kik Messenger,” do I really want to release another one? Well, here goes nothing. Virtual Reality, what is it? VR (as it is commonly known) is an immersive experience. With this, comes a lot of fun, but is there any danger?

When I create these videos, I have parents in mind. You are your child’s number one discipler, my goal is to assist you in knowing all that is available in the technology world..


A Whole New World

Yes, VR allows you to experience a whole new world. Some may argue that the world of VR is not finished being built. What I mean is that it is still in early stages, some features of the world may be incomplete or still coming. Before I continue, let me give you an example of VR.

I currently use Google DayDream’s VR. I insert my cell phone in the headset, and the world of DayDream emerges. As I enter, I have options. With the remote, I can choose where I want to go. Perhaps it is watching a YouTube video. Or, Netflix. Or, a game!

While in VR, no one else can see what I can see. Only me. Attach a Bluetooth headset and guess what? No one can hear what I hear.  Sounds pretty cool, huh? Well, yeah, it is pretty cool!  Except that VR is where a whole lot of temptation/sin can happen. Google DayDream does not have a web browser yet, but it will be getting one (According the The Verge). Other VR platforms already have a web browser.

The world of Virtual Reality lets you experience things in a new way.  Even though I only have a 5 inch screen on my phone, I can watch Netflix and it looks and feels like I am in some rich man’s house watching TV on a 80+ inch screen TV (It’s massive!). I like that!  I enjoyed playing some party games in the world of VR, however, I do have some reservations with what VR can do.


The Dangers

While I’m keeping this post brief, here are my fears. The porn industry is investing in VR (Please don’t google, just take my word for it). You could watch porn privately. Let alone if you add a headset so you could watch something sinful and harmful without anyone knowing. The idea behind VR is to allow the user to experience a reality. So, let me be clear. App developers or creators of porn could create content that would allow users to feel like they are experiencing sex in this reality or explore certain sexual fantasies. Now, I’m not going to do research to see how close we are to this, but VR opens the possibility to this becoming an reality…


  • If you have a Virtual Reality headset, what do you use it for?
  • Do you have any questions on VR?
  • Is there anything you would add?


Justin is a husband, father, and a writer. He is passionate about equipping parents, glorifying Jesus, and helping the local church. Justin currently resides in Michigan with his wife and two daughters.

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